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Acacia Arts
Music Academy
where Learning is a Joy

Music Classes - Neptune Beach, FL

Based in Neptune Beach, Florida, Acacia Arts Academy  offers private and group lessons in violin, fiddle, viola, cello, piano, guitar, ukulele, and harp. We also love to present weekend workshops such as

Florida Fiddle Fest

throughout the year.

For information or to join

Cello Fellows' Zoom Room

please contact lindacello@gmail.com 

Nature Walk

In the New Morning, we


Converse, and


We Give,

Honor to our "Native" Home,

Silence to the Unspeakable,

Acknowledgment to the Unknowable.

Our Feet, Feeling Mother Earth,

Carry us, Submerge us, into an Ancient Forest,

A Bath for the Senses,

Mossy, Leafy Green,

Fragrant, Floral Pink,

Rough, Rocky Grey,

Giving way to a Blue Vista, and a Meditation,

Accompanied By,

Whisps and Whispers of Wind,

Birdsong Floating in the Air,

Hints of the industrial revolution.

At the End, We

Convene, in Awe,

Converse again,

And then more fully Connect, with our

Loving, Open Arms.

Scott Walker, July 8, 2021